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                    Since its establishment in 2010, YinMing Info. Co., LTD. has focused on OEM research and development, manufacturing and production, providing customers with complete solutions with manufacturing technologies such as consistent production, small amount of diversification, and standardized manufacturing processes. Adhering to the concept of "service first, quality first". Rich experience in product development and integrated manufacturing capabilities in production processes can completely and efficiently meet all the needs of customers. The business scope covers Intel AMD series mainframes, personal computers, customized industrial computers, embedded systems, high-performance redundant storage systems, servers, high-speed parallel computing GPU SERVERs, interface cards, industrial optical CCDs, computer peripherals, computer parts Components, network products, provide complete and diversified product selection, complete design experience, professional manufacturing capabilities, and reliable and prompt after-sales service.

Supermicro  Professional Supplier


Services: industrial computer,GPU SERVER,Intel CPU,Memory,network products,omputer components,SSD,Supermicro server

Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, South of TWN, East of TWN, HK & Macao, China, North America, Nationwide